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Ingrown Hair - A Widespread Problem

Ingrown hair affects men and women from all cultures and ethnic backgrounds. Probably because it can be so visible, it causes considerable distress, especially for women when ingrown hair appears in the facial area.

Itchy bumps, red irritated skin, and painful pimples are the tell tale signs and these can appear on the face, legs, pubic area, in fact, anywhere on the body where hair removal methods are used.

Shaving can cut off the tapered end of the hair so a sharp end remains which can then grow into the skin instead of naturally growing out of the hair follicle.

Waxing can break hair off if not done correctly again leaving a sharp end which can curl back or grow out through the skin, thus causing considerable pain, irritation and swelling.

This web site contains a wealth of information to help you not only deal with existing ingrown hair but also to help prevent ingrown hair from appearing in the future. The information is organized into three main categories:

Review these 3 ingrown hair solutions and decide which one is best for you:

1. Ingrown Hair Treatment - The Fast Easy Solution

2. Tweezing Ingrown Hairs

3. Electrolysis - Laser - Epilight For Ingrown Hair

In some cases ingrown hairs can become infected if they are not attended to promptly. A pimple can fill with pus and become extremely sensitive and painful, especially on the face or in the pubic area.

Look over the additional articles below and arm yourself with a batch of tips and precautions so you can avoid this potentially painful problem.



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This site is optimized for fast browsing. Get a complete picture about ingrown hairs and what you can do about it.

In addition to the three main categories shown above, you will also find the following information on various aspects of ingrown hair on this site:

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You don't have to put up with ingrown hair. These days there are a number of economical precautions you can take. It just needs a little time to educate yourself and follow through.

Check out the information on this site to help you decide on a strategy to minimize or get rid of ingrown hair!

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