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Home Remedy Ingrown Hair - Two Solutions Explained

Home remedy ingrown hair may not be advisable if the condition is acute and infected. Consult with a physician in extreme cases.

For the majority of persons, the following two home remedy ingrown hair solutions will be sufficient.

Home Remedy Ingrown Hair Solution No. 1

Kalo Ingrown Hair Treatment

ingrown hair home remedy ingrown hair treatment

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This is a post epilating or after shaving solution which eliminates ingrown hair, redness, bumps and irritation caused by shaving, waxing, tweezing and other hair removal methods.

It comes in a spray bottle with clear instructions and is easy to apply a number of times a day in the comfort of your home.

Home Remedy Ingrown Hair Treatment mildly exfoliates the outer dermal layer of skin while adding elasticity to the newly exposed hair. This releases the trapped hair from under the constantly regenerating layers of skin.

Home remedy Ingrown Hair Treatment is effective for both the treatment and prevention of ingrown hairs.

Regarding safety, Kalo Ingrown Hair Treatment does not use Acetylsalicylate (ASA) to deaden pain like some other products.

Even those allergic to Aspirin can safely use Ingrown Hair Treatment. It also provides antiseptic and antibacterial benefits to skin.

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Gigi Waxing

o Brazilian Hard Wax
o All Purpose Wax
o Microwave Formula
o Muslin Strips
o Wax Warmers

Home Remedy Ingrown Hair Solution No. 2


If the condition is in a small area or involving just one or two ingrown hairs, tweezing is the preferred method.

When using tweezing as a home remedy ingrown hair, follow these suggestions:

For ingrown hairs which are deep, sterilize a pair of needle-nosed tweezers with rubbing alcohol and individually lift each ingrown hair out of its follicle.

You may need assistance from a partner if it is difficult for you to see it. Wipe the area with alcohol afterwards and shave.


tweezers - home remedy ingrown hair

The choice of professionals

for ingrown hair

If needle-nosed tweezers are not available, wipe a pin or needle and the ingrown area with rubbing alcohol and carefully release the hair in the direction that it grows using the tip of the needle only. Never jab the needle into the skin. After the hair is released, wipe the skin with alcohol again.

Do not use ordinary tweezers to release the hair as there is the risk of taking out a chunk of the skin with it resulting in more skin irritation and damage.

After releasing the ingrown hair, use an aftershave moisturizer to help close the pores and heal the skin.

The two home remedy ingrown hair solutions listed above should solve most ingrown hair problems but if the condition becomes infected or more serious, the help of a medical practitioner may be necessary.

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